Holy Family is proud of how smart our children always look.  We expect all our children to wear appropriate uniform as set out in the guidance below:  

Other Information

Jewellery should not be worn in school with the exception of wrist watches. The school cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to wrist watches. Earrings must not be worn in school.

Hair styles should be simple and easily managed. Children’s hair should remain in their own natural colour. In the interests of safety and hygiene long hair should be worn tied back. Hair ornaments should be plain and simple such as a hair band or scrunchie and be in one of the school’s colours. Fancy combs, slides, slips and fashion braids can be dangerous and distract children from their learning and should not be worn; silk flowers and other adornments should also not be worn.

Children should come into school in their PE kits on the relevant PE day. They will remain in their PE kits all day and do not need to bring in their regular uniform on these days (your child’s PE day will be provided to you by your child’s teacher). Your child’s school team will be assigned to them. If your child has a brother or sister at Holy Family, their team will be the same as their sibling.

Book Bags* are recommended and should be no bigger than 40 cm x 30 cm.

Items marked * with our school design must be purchased from PENN UK, Kents Hill Road, Benfleet